NetBox provides a low-cost, professional and reliable alternative to "free" email and web page hosting services, protecting you from intrusive ads and unwanted marketing, and ensuring the privacy of your personal communications.

  • Permanent: NetBox pioneered the concept of permanent email. Your NetBox address is completely independent of how you access the Internet. No matter how many times you change your Internet provider or workplace, your email contacts need only remember your NetBox address. You can set up your NetBox as the delivery point for multiple email systems.
  • Private: NetBox redirection capabilities enable complete header replacement for forwarding inbound & outbound messages. We guarantee the privacy of your NetBox account information.
  • Secure: NetBox accounts are hosted on dedicated communications servers. All messages and files are password-protected using Unix protocols and standard encryption protocols are supported.
  • Flexible: Forward your mail to one, two or three other email accounts. Or, use the industry standard Post Office Protocol (POP3) service to retrieve and send messages with mail clients such as Apple Mail, Outlook, Eudora and Thunderbird, as well as iOS and Android mail applications.
  • Extensible: Reach friends or associates worldwide with NetBox email-to-fax and email-to-post services. Send email messages to any designated fax number(s) or deliver via the US mail.